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The fifth part to the legendary graffiti travel documentary Show Must Go On with the subtitle NEVER REALLY HOLIDAY, released on USB and DVD.

Real footage of strictly guarded objects around the world. Graffiti painting under threat of losing health, freedom or even life.
The film will guide you through the most modern cities in the world where graffiti has been known for decades, but also through developing countries where they have no idea what graffiti is. Show Must Go On will show you the world. World through the eyes of graffiti writers. Get 100% real material from many of the world's capitals. Coutries like USA, Canada, Vietnam, Philippines, Chile, Argentina, India, Myanmar, Georgia, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa, China, and more.
The film is accompanied by testimonies of individual protagonists who describe and explain the specific situations in which they were. It is accompanied by the voiceover of journalist Zoe, who has personally attended most of the trips with the boys and writes a book about it. As is customary at SMGO, music for the film is stuffed like a cabbage.
Dubbing by Tina, Otis (H16) and others.

Meanwhile, check and remember the previous SMGO4 episode - it's still worth it!


This is 4th part of glorious graffiti movie by Slovakian writers and their international primitive friends. Belong to best rated graffiti movies in the world. This movie shows you most advanced and modern cities like New York City and painting in the local yards and layups. But shows you also poor developing countries where graffiti has no fans, where nobody even know what it is. Show Must Go On movie shows you the world. Be prepared for real stories from many countries in FULL HD!
USA, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Brasil, Argentina, India, Russia and many more..
Released in 2014 on DVD


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